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Glacière médicale

Medical vaccine cooler box insulated shipping box for cold chain transportation

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  • Dimension externe:380x380x385mm
  • Dimensions internes: 260x260x265mm
  • Capacité: 17L
  • Poids: 7.2KG

This is a Available Volume 8 L cooler box, outer material is PE plastic or Oxford bag, and internal material is PU or VPU Splicing box,  The combination of them can keep your contents cold for more than 72 h.PU or VPU provide energy efficiency and space benefits for home appliances, temperature-controlled packaging, refrigerated transportation systems and any other applications that require low energy loss from heat transfer.

Item SpecificationWith cold plateMaterial


External size: 380x380x380mm  

Internal size: 260x260x260mm

Capacity :17L

Inside size : 200x200x200mm  

Avaliable Capacity :8L

Outside : Oxford bag or PE box

Inside : PU or VPU                            Recommend According to demands 

Instructions for use

The First Step :  Freeze PCM in a at 0 degrees or less freezer for at least 10 hours to ensure complete freezing. ( At the same time, if you need better cooling conditions, please also pre-cool the insulation cooler Box)

The Second Step :Take out the Frozen PCM and place it around the Insulation box and release cool about half an hour

The Third Step : Put in medicine,vaccine ,blood that needs to be cold storage, the last , place the top PCM and Cover the lid tightly.

More Specification recommend :

ItemSpecificationWith PCMMaterial

External size: 380x380x380mm
Internal size: 260x260x260mm
Capacity :17L
Inside size : 200x200x200mm

Avaliable Capacity :8L

Outside : Oxford bag or PE box

Inside : PU or VPU

External size: 545x545x545mm
Internal size: 435x435x435mm
Capacity :82L
PCM:42x42m - 6 pcs
Inside size : 380x380x3500mm
Avaliable Capacity :50L

External size: 610x610x620mm
Internal size: 500x500x500mm
Capacity :125L

PCM :47.7x24x2.5cm - 12 pcs 

Inside size : 440x440x440mm

Avaliable Capacity :85L


External size: 760x540x600mm

Internal size: 630x415x475mm
Capacity :124L
46.5x31.7x2.5cm - 4pcs
46x41.2x2.5cm - 2pcs
41.2x31.4x2.5cm - 4pcs
Inside size : 580x365x425mm
Avaliable Capacity :90L
PU insulation material for 48 hours transport 

                                     The core material can be flexible to be PU foaming or VPU panels according to customers' thermal requirements !

PU +vip insulation material can hold 72 hours, 96 hours,even 120 hours
The following is the recommended solution according to the requirements

For discuss more requirements ,  please contact :

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ice pack catalogue.pdf

2021 Catalogue Of  Insulated transport box.pdf

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