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Glacière médicale

Wholesale New Design -22 Degree Insulation Ice Cream Box Medical Transport With PU Material

1.Ready to ship 2.Support customized services 3.In Stock 4.Fast Dispatch 5.Transaction guarantee, T/T remittance

  • Dimension externe:87.8*65.7*79.6 cm
  • Dimensions internes: 75*53.5*65 cm
  • Capacité: 196L
  • Poids: 50KG

Core material:

PU-VIP material is packaged in a vacuum state as a inner material with a very strong heat insulating property. PU foam moulding, have super thermal insulation, the thermal conducitivity is lower than 0.003w/m.k., match PCM phase change material can control the temperature precisely for 120H without power supply, enterprises can flexibly choose and reasonable collocation shceme, this can greatly simplify operating, reduce lobor costs. For pharmaceutical logistics enterprises to solve  transport problems.


Auxiliary product: PCM ice bricks(Temperature control performance):

2℃~8℃,15℃~25℃, -30℃~-20℃, -20℃~-10℃, -10℃~0℃, 0℃~10℃

Reusable Ice bricks, It is one of the main accessories In order to maintain temperature you want.
It can also according to customer requirements to custom different temperature of phase change material (PCM),for example 2-8degree C, -10degree C -15degree C -18degree C,-20degree C,-25degree C and so on.


We are able to provide only ice bricks or cooler boxes or a complete & high-efficient cold chain logistics scheme (cooler box with PCM ice bricks).

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